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As a presenter (volunteer guest lecturer) you will share aspects of traditions, youth culture, geography and/or economy of your home country. These lectures will usually last between 45 minutes to one hour each and will be conducted in English during Civics, English or geography classes for Dutch high school students aged 12 to 18. There are a few Chinese classes for which you would give a short presentation in English and would do hands on activities about the Mandarin language with the students.  Students get the opportunity to practice their language skills and expand their knowledge of the world. Some may even be inspired study or work abroad one day!

If your native language is Spanish, German or French we would to match you with schools which organize volunteer conversation classes!

Prior to your presentation, you will receive a compulsory didactic training by an educational specialist together with other internationals. During this one time training session, you will learn how to make your lesson plan interactive and suitable for a teenage audience. They are very interactive, interesting and fun.

This project is an initiative of the municipality of The Hague, PEP Den Haag, ACCESS and The Hague Bridge and works in[partnership with Volunteer The Hague.

Volunteer recruitment is closed at this time and will reopen end of August 2018. Please contact us then!


Guest lecturer: Janvier Ouko. Photo by: Henriette Guest


If your native language is German, Spanish or French you may also give conversation classes
during the 2017-2018 school year starting the last week of November. From May to June,
some schools need volunteer examiners for their all-day language exams called language villages.

NEW! This year TWIYC is launching a pilot with a few guest lectures at community colleges related to career issues.

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