TWIYC trainings on October 22 and 26 2015

Last night October 26  was the fourth and last training of this school year. Educational consultant Iris Borup from HCO helped train about 85 new guest lecturers this year, 30 of which during the last training.

Oct 26 2015, TWIYC training

Oct 26 2015, TWIYC training – Photo Jeroen

On top of these participants a few guest lecturers from last year and specially trained speakers from Embassies will conduct guest lectures the last two weeks of November in Dutch high schools in the The Hague region.

TIWIYC training Oct 22 2015 - Photo Myra Colis

TIWIYC training Oct 22 2015 – Photo Myra Colis

Each group of volunteers was different and asked different questions during Iris’ presentation but they all loved the moments where they got to practice cooperative structures to experience how their students will interact with one another speaking English, French Spanish or German in pairs or small groups. It helped them relate to being a participant and network with other very nice internationals. We could see that some people got on very well and some ladies from both groups told me how they are going to stay in touch!

Friendly volunteer guest lecturers Oct 22 2015 training photo by Myra Colis

For guest lectures to remain interesting for a teenage audience it is important to keep them interactive, alternating serious learning and more relaxed interactions talking about the selected topic among students or during question and answer times. We suggest to always have at least one element to which teenagers can relate to and compare with their realities or interests in The Netherlands.

The last few high schools will be submitting their schedules this week and the great puzzle work will start for me as coordinator of the programme.

Thank you Myra Colis for the pictures of the October 22 training, and Patricia Moerland for those on October 26!

Guest lecturers are excited at finding out soon to which school and educational levels they will be assigned!