TWIYC training on October 17th 2016

What a joy to start training sessions this year again! Thank you to all 18 of you who could make it that night, you were very attentive and pleasantly interactive.

Our new trainer Ms. Martine van Es, who is specialized in training teachers, led this evening and taught you many concepts about teaching using Kaigan cooperative Learning structures. You got to experience them yourselves in our own classroom to feel what it is like for your future students and how she managed our group of participants.



Here are a few candid shots of what our evening was like learning about the Dutch educational system, how to draft a lesson plan and getting inspiration on how to narrow down your original idea for a lecture topic to make it approachable to teenagers.


The classroom was buzzing with good energy and respectful conversations



Our group had plenty of opportunities to network while learning about exercises that could be applied in the classroom where you will teach in November or December this year.




We had activities sitting down and moving around the room to stimulate participation by everyone not just the most extraverted participants!




Four continents were represented among the many nationalities present that evening. I look forward to receiving your availability and final topic for your guest lectures next month!