TWIYC Thank you reception December 15 2015

Guest lecturers were invited back to PEP Den Haag’s training room this time for a very special thank you reception on Tuesday, December 15th.

During the opening speech, TWIYC coordinator Lucie Cunningham announced that 106 internationals from 50 nationalities had participated to what will be end of January 140+ guest lectures at 19 different high schools in the The Hague greater area.

TWIYC 2015 Networking party Dec 15 at PEPphoto copyright Henriette Guest

Loes Weijers opening TWIYC 2015 Networking party Dec 15 at PEP Den Haag – photo copyright Henriette Guest

Loes Weijers who works for Gemeente Den Haag asProject Associate was introduced as the founder of The World in Your Classroom. She lived in 7 countries herself and was often asked about how people in The Netherlands lived. Was it true about windmills and people wearing wooden clogs? When the municipality needed a pilot project to involve internationals in quality volunteer work for the city of The Hague she suggested the concept of TWIYC. She worked together with PEP Den Haag to run its first TWIYC season 3 years ago which went well. Every year since the programme has increased in participants, number of languages offered and how diverse lecturers are.

Various lecturers got to share what their presentations were about and how pupils and teachers reacted and participated. What they talked about and the interactive group activities which they picked were very creative! Sometimes their lesson plan were executed perfectly and students were very receptive.

TWIYC networking party Dec 15 at PEP photo copyright Henriette Guest

Talking about how guest lecture about differences in dating between Taiwan and The Netherlands – photo copyright Henriette Guest


Occasionally they had to improvise with the help of the teachers according to the level of fluency of the teenagers and their group dynamics. All were very memorable and turned out well in the end!


TWIYC 2015 Networking party Dec 15 at PEP Photo copyright by Henriette Guest

Guest lecturers who let children perform a modern rendition of ancient Greek comedy The birds (Christiana on the right) and one about the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico (Elba third from the left) – Photo copyright by Henriette Guest

This evening was full of conversations about how their lectures went at Dutch  high schools in the region. Lecturers got to catch up with people form their own training group and interact with lecturers who trained on a different date. The diversity in age and cultural backgrounds was really nice to see. People enjoyed various snacks and drinks in a room decorated in a winter atmosphere. Discussions were vivid and a lot of people exchanged their contact information to stay in touch.

TWIYC networking party Dec 15 at PEP photo copyright Henriette Guest

Guest Lecturers who gave presentations In English, Spanish or French networking at the TWIYC party – photo copyright Henriette Guest

Lectures in Jnauary 2016 will close a very successful 2015 season.

The TWIYC team looks forward to seeing familiar and new faces next  October for a new round of trainings for lectures which will start the last week of November 2016!