TWIYC October 31 2017 Training Session

Our last training session for 2017 was a smaller but very dedicated group of participants from many countries in the training room at PEP Den Haag (Participation and Emancipation Professionals).

We offered a mix of theory and practice. We learnt about the Dutch school system, tips about working with teenagers, class management and giving feedback. Our guest lecturers were able to feel what it is like to be in the role of a pupil when practising assignments.

Our trainer Lia Bekking-Slootjes from usually trains high school teachers on how to keep their pupils engaged. She has a lot of experience with special needs pupils. Since her Master’s in Education in England, she is often invited to international schools in the Hague to coach teachers.

She taught our group a variety cooperative learning structures (techniques to keep teaching interactive in pairs, small groups or with the whole class) which they used to memorize the various parts of a lesson plan. This will come in handy when they devise their own to prepare for their lecture or conversation course. Naoko from Japan participated four years ago when The world in Your Classroom was still a pilot. She was glad to be involved again and showed the class what her presentation was like as concrete examples are very valuable. More presentations from previous participants and their practical tips will be sent in a follow-up email. We hope that participants will stay in touch and that some of them may even work out their topics, activities and teaching goals in small groups outside of PEP Den Haag.

Once guest lecturers have finalized their topic and know their availability in November and December 2017 they will inform programme coordinator Lucie Cunningham who will then match them to a specific classroom in The Hague, Rijswijk, Leidschendam, Leidschenveen or Delft. In December all three training groups will be invited to join high school teachers, partner organization representatives, Lia and Lucie for a thank you party at PEP Den Haag.

A big thank you to Reza Mirkarimi for all these beautiful pictures capturing the positive and educational spirit of this evening!