Start 2015-2016 TWIYC

  • juli 30, 2015

Dear all,

The World in your Classroom is entering its third edition with guest lectures from November 16th to 27th 2015 with a new twist: we will expand guest lectures to German and French as these languages are commonly taught at high schools in the region.

On June 11th, TWIYC was one the organizations with expat friendly vacancies to profile themselves during the launch event of website. See picture above of Laura Pana, about to be interviewed by Alderman Karsten Klein. Laura comes from Romania and gave lectures in English and French for TWIYC in 2014.

We already have 16 first time guest lecturers since the Volunteer The Hague Event on June 11 where the World in your classroom was promoted. A warm welcome to our new participants from Bulgaria, Canada, The Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Iran and Portugal! Please tell yours friends to register through the form on this page as we will recruit over 120 volunteers this year. Do you know a good spot at your company or university for a poster or flyers, please email me at and I will bring you or send you some.

The Gymnasium Haganum school joined us for the first time as well for courses related to Philosophy and Hinduism. The first schools to sign up again were the Rijswijks Lyceum department for gifted teenagers, Montaigne Lyceum in Ypenburg and The Roemer Visscher College.

You will receive further information about your one time 3 hour training in October after this summer. This training is compulsory for new volunteers, and is optional for guest lecturers who participated in 2014.

Enjoy your summer!
Lucie Cunningham,
Coordinator TWIYC