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The Hague is an international city, with many people from around the world working and living in the city. In the project ‘The World in your Classroom’ internationals, living in the Hague, volunteer their time to give guest lectures in English, French, Spanish or German to Dutch high school students, teaching them about various aspects of their home countries such as culture, economy, current affairs, history and geography. Mandarin Chinese is a new possibility for this school year.

Last year more than 100 internationals participated in the programme giving students, aged 12 to 18 from almost 20 schools in the Hague, a unique opportunity to broaden their horizons and to practice their modern languages in a fun way. This year, most guest lectures will be held in November till the second week of December. A few schools will hold theirs during the rest of the school year. Some conversation exams will take place end of January and some language villages and lectures will be scheduled from February to June 2019. We respect your privacy.

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Volunteering in the Hague
Would you like to find out more about volunteering in the Hague? PEP Den Haag (Participation Emancipation Professionals) is an organization dedicated to connecting English-speaking residents with local businesses seeking English-speaking volunteers. Visit www.volunteerthehague.nl to find out more about opportunities to volunteer in your area.